How To Get Internet On Tablet Without WIFI

There are many possibilities for entertainment, connectivity to social networks, and usefulness that tablets provide when they can access the Internet. However, sometimes it is not possible to connect a tablet via Wi-Fi if the antennas have stopped working. The issue gets worse if the device does not have a SIM card slot, thus limiting the connection options even more, or not?

Well, certainly connecting a tablet to the internet without Wi-Fi is going to be a bit more complicated, but not impossible!

In this article, we show you the different alternative ways of how to connect a tablet to the Internet when you do not have the possibility of accessing it directly via WiFi.

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How can I connect my tablet to the Internet without Wifi?

The first obvious solution to solve the connectivity of a tablet to the Internet comes to mind, when our tablet has a SIM slot, so that the Internet connection can be made for the mobile data rate, either in 3G or 4G. Thus, how to have Internet on a tablet with SIM is very simple and lacks complexity.

Now, how to have free Internet on an Android tablet without a chip and without WiFi? In those devices without a SIM slot or WiFi connection, we can use the following solutions:

How To Get Internet On Tablets Without WIFI

Way # 1: Connect tablet to the Internet via USB cable

Possibly the simplest option is your computer and the USB cable that you connect to your tablet to charge it. So how do you pass the Internet via USB cable to a tablet?

You can connect a tablet to the Internet via cable as follows:

1. Connect your tablet and computer using the USB cable

First, connect your tablet to the computer, either desktop or laptop through the charging cable that should also allow data transfer. Make sure, of course, that your computer has an active Internet connection.

2. Activate the USB connection in the Settings of your tablet

The next thing is to go to the Settings menu of your tablet, to the section Network Connection and Wi-Fi Access Point, it can also be called Connection Sharing and Modem, depending on the Android version and the manufacturer’s settings.

There you will find the option USB Connection or USB Modem, which you will only have to activate. Note that this option will not appear available if your tablet is not connected via USB to some other device.

This is the easiest way to connect a tablet to the Internet via USB cable. But if you have an RJ545 network cable, you can also make the connection in the following way.

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Way # 2: Connect Modem to Tablet to Access the Internet

Another option to connect your tablet to the Internet if you do not have Wi-Fi is through a device other than the computer, the modem. But how to connect the modem to the tablet?

1. Get a USB OTG adapter for your tablet

You will need a micro USB or USB-C to RJ45 network cable adapter, which usually connects the modem to the Ethernet input on your computer.

In this case, the receiving device will be the tablet, so you will use the adapter to connect the tablet to the modem. At that point, the tablet should be powered off.

2. Connect the adapter to the modem cable

Later, after connecting the adapter to the modem cable, you must turn on the tablet and wait, without further configuration, for it to recognize the modem.

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Way # 3: Connect the Internet to the tablet from the computer

Another alternative of ” how to connect the Internet to my tablet from my PC ” is using the same RJ45 network cable and the Internet connection of your computer:

1. Connect the USB to RJ45 network cable adapter to your tablet

Using the same USB-C or micro USB to RJ45 adapter, connect it to the tablet and then to the RJ45 cable, but this time you only need to connect it to the Ethernet output of your computer.

2. Connect the adapter to the modem cable and your PC

If your computer does not have an Ethernet output, you will need to use a USB-to-Ethernet adapter to connect it to one of the computer’s ports. In this way, you can now access the Internet from your tablet using this method.

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Way # 4: Connect the tablet to the Internet using the Bluetooth of a smartphone

Finally, there is also an option on how to share the Internet from a mobile phone to a tablet without using the Wi-Fi Access Point. Thus, our last option is the following:

1. Share connection via Bluetooth on your mobile device

Go first to your smartphone to Settings / Network and Internet / Wi-Fi Zone / Connection Sharing or Internet Connection Sharing. Within that menu, select the option Share connection via Bluetooth or Bluetooth modem.

2. Synchronize the tablet and smartphone via Bluetooth

Then enter the tablet settings, and turn on the Bluetooth, starting the search until your mobile appears. When you make the connection, you will be able to start using the Internet on your phone.

The only downside is that this connectivity option is the least fast, but it comes in handy when the WiFi isn’t working and we don’t have adequate cables at hand.

Now that you know how to connect a tablet to the Internet without Wifi, we hope you can enjoy the Internet on your tablet without depending on it.

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