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  • October 21, 2022
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In our post on tablets for children, we suggested some low-end tablets with adequate applications and controls to regulate the time on screen and the content that the little ones at home are exposed to.

However, in our search for interesting alternatives for babies and toddlers, we soon noticed a tablet category that focuses exclusively on developing infant skills, language, and learning.

We are talking about the Best Educational Tablet For Children, a device with games and activities suitable for ages as young as 12 months and that does not harbor the dangers of screens for children under 2 years of age.

What is an educational tablet?

First of all, we would like to make a distinction between an ordinary tablet, to which you can install apps and record audiovisual content for the enjoyment of all ages, and the Best Educational Tablet For Children.

The latter, although it bears the name of a tablet, is more of an educational toy with a touch screen that incorporates pre-installed applications focused on learning, and that brings together the essential aspects that children should know at each stage .

Its technology is relatively simple, it does not allow modifications to its system, and often the brands that sell it specialize in toys and not in technological devices.

1. The best educational tablet for children from 1 to 3 years old

Fisher Price My First Tablet

Fisher Price My First Tablet


  • Brand: Fisher-Price
  • Memory Storage Capacity: 8 GB
  • Screen Size: 28 Inches
  • Age Range (Description): For infants and toddlers ages 12-36 months

We start with an option that with its commercial name tells us everything about its purpose: It is a tablet that brings together a series of images, sounds, songs, phrases, lights and buttons so that your child learns at different stages .

As it is aimed at children between 1 and 3 years old, this toy can be configured for 3 different stages of development and thus accompany growth: With Smart Stages you can configure preferences for activities and stimuli as time goes by, so that your child does not lose interest in the device.

In addition, due to its cheap price, it seemed like an option that is really worth giving a try.

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  • Numerous activities that include the alphabet, numbers, names of animals, objects, colors, etc.
  • Adequate screen and sound (also in Spanish).
  • 3 levels of learning: Explore (12 months), Stimulate (18 months) and Simulate (24 months).
  • Shock resistant and properly finished.


  • It works by Triple-A batteries, not by battery.
  • The volume, stages and power buttons are quite hard for children this young.

2. The best educational tablet for ages 5 and up

VTech Genio Little App

VTech Genio Little App


  • Brand: VTech
  • Material: Plastic
  • Item Weight: 1.08 Pounds
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 2.09 x 12.6 x 11.42 inches

VTech’s Genio Little App tablet is another great deal that’s both a tablet and a laptop. By moving the screen vertically, you can access a keyboard that is very suitable for when children begin to take their first steps in writing.

In addition to this detail, learning is reinforced thanks to 80 activities in 27 applications that teach letters, mathematics, science, English, etc. The activities in the form of a game become very fun, and also as it includes a progressive system, the difficulty increases as the child grows.

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  • Lots of activities for different levels.
  • Color screen and numerous buttons around it.
  • It incorporates a physical keyboard.
  • It includes a cable to connect it while it is being used, extending the life of the batteries.
  • Drop resistant material.


  • The screen as such, in which the activities are shown, is very small.
  • It requires 3 AA batteries which wear out fairly quickly with daily use.

3. The best learning tablets for young children

Educa-Touch Junior

Educa-Touch Junior


  • Age Range (Description): 3 years
  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: 1.63 x 10.5 x 10.5 inches
  • Number of Players: 4

In third place, we have chosen not one product, but 3 from the same toy brand: We are talking about the Educa-Touch Junior, which includes 3 Best Educational Tablet For Children that cost between 18 and 19 $, and include the following toys:

We recommend all 3 because each one of them is an excellent tablet for children’s learning, which combines in a very simple but effective way, the basic knowledge oriented to infants of early ages.


  • Large, clear touch screen.
  • Includes sounds, songs, questions, and activities.
  • Bring activity sheets, as accessories that are inserted into the tablet.
  • There is a product for each content, from basic learning to various activities.


  • The sound is not too loud.
  • The sheets are very thin and must be handled very carefully so as not to damage them.

4. Best cheap Android tablet for 4-6 year olds




  • Brand: Synvy
  • Compatible Devices: Veidoo T8 Kids Tablets 7
  • Material: Thermoplastic Polyurethane
  • Item Hardness: 4H
  • Special Feature: Touch Sensitive, Anti-Shatter,

We continue with a tablet that includes a thick silicone case with an ideal handle for children over 4 years of age. It comes with a parental control app called iWawa, which allows you to control usage time, website access, video remote control, alarm setting, learning apps, and incorporates the latest online school update for kids .

The 7-inch screen has an HD resolution of 1800 x 600 pixels. While the case is bulletproof, the screen is not, so we recommend purchasing a separate screen protector for it.

As for the specifications, we have a quad-core processor and 1 GB of RAM, enough for very simple educational applications such as those that come pre-installed. Of course you can always download others in the Play Store by leaving parental control mode, or by sharing them via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

The 16 GB storage allows not only to install the apps, but also to store cartoons. And if this space is not enough, you can add a 64 GB microSD.

It has two cameras, a 3 MPx rear and a 2 MPx front, enough for the little ones to experiment with photography and video. In addition, with its price of just 72 $, it is one of the best offers on the market.

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  • 7-inch tablet with full parental control.
  • 16 GB of storage, expandable up to 64 GB to store more information.
  • The quad-core processor and 1 GB RAM memory offer adequate results in the performance of educational applications.
  • Screen and speaker quality basic but sufficient for children.
  • Very resistant silicone protective case.


  • The battery lasts little, between 4 and 6 hours.
  • The plastic screen is quite fragile and cannot be dropped.

5. The best educational tablet for children




  • Compatible Devices: Qimaoo KIDS 7″ Tablet
  • Material: Thermoplastic Polyurethane
  • Screen Surface Description: Smooth
  • Special Feature: Anti-blue light, Touch Sensitive, Anti-Shatter, Anti-Fingerprint, Gloss Finish, Bubble Proof, Scratch Resistant

Our latest proposal is a tablet with similar characteristics to the previous tablet. The Qiamoo 7-inch tablet with HD resolution comes with an attractive puppy face case that is very resistant and that little ones love. The device also includes animations related to this theme, very suitable for capturing the attention of infants.

The MediaTek 6580 quad-core processor is paired with 1GB of RAM, which is adequate for educational applications, some of which are pre-installed. The 16GB of storage can be expanded up to 32GB via microSD.

The operating system is Android 9 and the tablet is certified by COPPA, which ensures that the device meets the security requirements to constitute an adequate space for play and learning through content appropriate for early ages . It also lacks ads, bloatware and advertising.


  • It incorporates Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • 16 GB of storage, expandable up to an additional 32 GB.
  • 3,100 mAh battery allows autonomy of 8 hours.
  • The protective case is sturdy and very attractive.
  • Adequate performance for basic applications.
  • Screen and speaker of sufficient quality for interactivity and consumption of multimedia content.


  • The screen is extremely fragile.

Purchase decision: Educational tablet vs. tablet for kids

As you may have noticed, our last two recommendations for Best Educational Tablet For Children are tablets that could well be used to consume content through YouTube or through browsers.

And although in our opinion the ideal for young children are those tablets that already have educational apps and that have a more interactive format, like a toy. In our experience, what parents end up doing is buying a standard dual core or quad core tablet, and installing the appropriate apps and restrictions for the child’s age .

Now, there is something that really worries parents… and it is a question that we answer below:

When to buy a tablet for a child?

Experts recommend that children under 2 years of age not be exposed to any type of screen, that includes TV, computers, tablets or laptops.

This is because it is during the first 24 months of life, when the infant brain develops most rapidly, and screens could have a negative impact on the development of language and other cognitive areas of the child.

Clearly, the Best Educational Tablet For Children that lead our selection of purchases do not fall into the category of electronic devices, but incorporate the touch component as a way to facilitate interaction at an early age. That is why these can be purchased for children of 1 year.

Educational applications for children according to their ages

To conclude, we want to recommend some educational applications that you can install on an Android tablet like the last 2 that we suggest, and that are a prelude to the best primary educational applications for tablets:

  • Sesame street
  • The owl boo
  • Learn to read and write
  • Duolingo Kids
  • Nini learns to count

Sesame street

The official Sesame Street app is completely free, and includes activities, educational games, and videos designed to support pre-school learning. The app is completely safe and contains no ads.

The owl boo

This other app is suitable for children ages 3 and up, it includes 3 levels of difficulty that progress with the child’s progress. The activities are attractive and entertaining, as well as being a support for learning.

Learn to read and write

The “Learn to read and write” application is suitable for children from 3 years old, and is a support for these activities. The different exercises allow you to recognize letters, numbers, words, practice calligraphy and tracing on the screen.

Duolingo Kids

Duolingo is a well-known language learning app for all ages, but in its Kids version it incorporates numerous games and activities to learn the vocabulary and grammar of languages ​​such as English, French, German, and other languages.

Nini learns to count

With this app your child will learn the numbers in English and Spanish, and will also be able to review what they have learned through joint reading. The app has no third-party ads and includes parental control for greater security during interaction.

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