Teclast T30 Review

In this last year, more than 2 billion new tablet users have joined, and the market of new devices launched is always ready to meet the demand:

It is estimated that, from January 2020 to this month of 2021, 52 new models have been launched from leading brands such as Apple, Lenovo, Samsung, Huawei, Amazon… but also from others that follow closely such as Chuwi, Hisense, Alldocube and Teclast.

And it is precisely about a TECLAST model that we are talking about today: we suggest you find out the opinions about the Teclast T30 , a mid-range tablet with a fair price, ideal for enjoying content viewing.

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Our analysis of the Teclast T30

Clearly, we must not forget that it is a mid-range device, but in our opinion for its price and specifications, the adjective that best describes it is “powerful” .

WARNING: In case the T30 Tablet is not available, we have left you the link for the Teclast P20HD tablet, which has a similar price and features.

After these colorful opinions and reviews, in which you will have gotten an idea of ​​the type of device that we describe, we give way to our review of the Teclast T30:

Design and materials

The T30 is a very slim tablet, but at the same time it is solid and ergonomic. The chassis is made of metal, and the 2.5D curved display gives a very high-end feel to this model.

On the top edge, there is the power button and the double speaker. The left edge is kept totally clean, while the right edge is where the microphone, SIM slot, USB Type-C port, headphone jack, and volume button are located.

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Below you will find a very curious specification for the range, and that is a POGO connector, which connects to a detachable keyboard (not included, but highly recommended for full use)

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Teclast T30

The 10.1- inch screen with IPS LCD technology is laminated and has a Full HD resolution . It is not the best display in the range, and to be honest it is a disappointment compared to the predecessor of this tablet, the T20, which brought 2K resolution.

Despite this setback, the color gamut is very good, and 224 pixels per inch is enough for adequate image sharpness to enjoy a good image in movies and video games. It’s really bright, with a brightness value of 370 nits , which is automatically adjusted thanks to the light sensor.

It also incorporates an Anti-Blue light filter , technology specially designed for eye care.


Teclast T30

Despite having only two speakers, the sound is loud and clear , and the most connoisseurs will detect a slight bass that will give it depth, thanks to the 3rd Generation Sweet system, created by the manufacturer itself .

Teclast T30


In terms of hardware, we will find that the T30 model has a MediaTek Helio P70 SoC processor manufactured by the Taiwanese company , comparable to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 675:

Undoubtedly a good mid-range processor capable of smoothly moving streaming content, as well as next-generation games . Something you definitely won’t find on another tablet in this price segment.

Of course, the Mali G72 graphics coprocessor manufactured by AllWinner Technologies in Guandong, China also contributes in this last sense .

This has allowed us to play Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds smoothly , with an abysmal image quality and without any type of lag. But of course, not with a number of frames per second as high-end processors could provide.

To get more frames per second, we simply went into the graphics settings and turned it down to medium quality, and you were good to go! Either way, the game still looks great.

In other specifications, we count 4 GB of RAM which is plenty for multitasking , although we have noticed that when too many background apps accumulate, some close. But this is common behavior on some hardware configurations, to avoid memory overload.

The 64 GB of storage remains in 55 available since the rest is occupied by the OS, but you can expand it up to 128 GB without problem. In any case, it does not seem like a negligible figure for the price of the terminal.

Operating system

Android 9 is the system that runs the T30 tablet, to achieve the greatest possible fluidity. The Android is pure, totally free of boatware .

In addition, on the official TECLAST page you can find firmware updates, which the manufacturer releases regularly to fix bugs and thus provide a better user experience.


In this section, as expected, we have 3G and LTE connectivity thanks to the insertion of the SIM. In addition, it incorporates VoLTE service, the voice over data service. We have Wi-Fi 2.4 and 5 GHz in AC standards . We add as an extra: GPS, BDS and FM Radio.


Teclast T30

Nothing surprising in this section, 8 MPx and 5 MPx for the rear and front camera respectively. With good lighting they are suitable for video calls and regular use.


The Teclast T30 includes a battery that will allow you not to have to worry about its autonomy for 2 full days. Its 8,000 mAh battery is very durable, although using 4G it does run out faster .

Opinions about the Teclast T30

Every day, even the most inexperienced users are acquiring knowledge about what to expect in a certain price range, hence their evaluations are more and more accurate. For this reason, it seems essential to us to share them, as a starting point to be able to make a fairer assessment:

“I replaced the T10 model of the same brand, a tablet with which I was very happy during the 3 years that I had it, for this one. And it really hasn’t disappointed me: The processor runs like lightning, and doesn’t consume as much power as the one in the T10 or T20. The sound is perceived better: very loud and clear, and not as flat as that of my old tablet. Of course, the screen is not 2K, but Full HD, but it looks very good”

“I think this tablet is at a good price, above all, I was pleasantly surprised by how long the battery lasts. As a drawback, the time it takes to charge the battery is considerable, and it does not have a micro HDMI”

“At the moment it is working fine. The hardware and other features have nothing to highlight: an operation according to its price.”

“It’s a good cheap tablet and performs well if you want it for gaming and viewing content. The battery is amazing and it has good screen quality. As a drawback, it has no updates and the minimum brightness is quite high (try to watch a series or movie at night and tell me if it doesn’t bother)”

“Overall this tablet is pretty good. The most important thing for me is that it works fast and without delay. It works very well with several apps open simultaneously. To put a snag on it, it comes without a cover, protector or keyboard, only the tablet and its charger.”


In short, after knowing the opinions and characteristics to expect from this model, we can conclude that:

The TECLAST T30 tablet is one of the best options for those looking for a device that provides them with an optimal experience for viewing videos, streaming content and video games .

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