Teclast P20Hd

One of the tablet brands that is gaining ground among users around the world, despite the bad reputation of the economic segment of Chinese manufacturers, is Teclast.

In addition to their wide range of tablets and laptops, they have products with excellent value for money, which is added to the discounts that we can find on platforms such as Amazon Spain.

This has made many buyers opt for the brand’s models, and there are many user opinions about their experience with them. In fact, one of the trend-setting purchases in recent months is the Teclast P20 HD tablet.

That’s why at Droiders we got one, to do an analysis of this tablet that, at first glance, seemed very tempting to us. Does the tablet have a good build? Is sensible? How about the quality of the screen and the sound, are they good? In this article, we tell you if it is worth buying it or not.

Teclast P20 HD: Our analysis and assessment after 4 months of use

If you check the reviews on this device, you will find mostly positive reviews. But to give you a professional evaluation, we have highlighted the real virtues of the Teclast P20 HD tablet, which is also one of the models that we value in our comparison of cheap tablets 2020 :

Elegant design and finish

Taking it out of its packaging, we have a tableT of 24.3 x 16.3 x 0.93 cm, with a minimalist metallic finish and a screen with an extremely thin frame, which allows us to take advantage of about 98% of it.

curved glass front

On the front, we have a curved glass that gives it a very modern look, and although the glass doesn’t look promising, the 370 nits of brightness ensure that the image can be seen adequately even in daylight.

On the back, we have a brushed metal chassis with an impeccable finish, which is ideal in terms of portability and heat dissipation.

Lightness and resistance

With a weight of 531 grams and a thickness of just 0.93 centimetres, it is an extremely light and ergonomic tablet, which is very manageable.

Excellent 10.1-inch screen

The 10.1-inch screen with IPS technology allows an excellent viewing angle, in addition to the Full HD resolution that allows a tremendous enjoyment of movies and videos. We have tested the playback of streaming content, and on platforms such as Netflix, the image quality has not been lost.

T-color technology

It should be noted that the inclusion of T-Color technology provides a colour improvement in terms of contrast.

Swede Audio Technology

Together with adequate image quality, we have a purer and clearer sound thanks to Swede audio technology, although there is still more work to be done in-depth.

However, they are very good speakers, dare we say even better than those of the MediaPad M3, a more expensive tablet from Huawei that we have already tested before.

64 GB of expandable storage

The 64 GB of storage is perfect for storing content if we want to enjoy it offline, and as if that were not enough, we can add an SD card of up to 128 GB.

UNISOC octa-core processor that exceeds expectations

The Unisoc SC89863A with eight ARM Cortex A55 cores in two of its clusters reaches a speed of 1.6 GHz.

This processor offers certain advantages in terms of performance, above the one mounted by the MediaPad M3 tablet and the Cube iPlay 10 . Despite being a CPU used until now for the smartphone segment, it has been gradually introduced into the tablet market, and at this time it is also included in the P80X model of the same brand.

Added to the 4 GB of RAM, acceptable performance is obtained in multitasking, without lags or too many delays. Of course, it goes without saying that although we tested PUBG as a high-demand video game, this tablet is not designed for applications that demand a lot of the processors.

PowerVR IMG8322 GPU graphics coprocessor with AI

As expected in a lower-middle-range tablet, it does not have a dedicated graphics card, so it has a PowerVR IMG8322 graphics coprocessor, which supports the main processor in multitasking.

Updated software

In this tablet, as in all the Teclast tablets that we have previously presented, we have the Android 10 operating system, free of bloatware. We have the necessary applications, and Google Play services are included.

In the cameras section, nothing to write home about

As expected in a tablet of 170 $, we have 5 MPx in the rear camera and 2 MPx in the front. Although for a good camera we have the mobile one, it is always worth mentioning that this very discreet resolution is enough for video calls and something else.

Adequate connectivity

In addition to the 4G connection via Dual SIM, we have high-speed WiFi (5G), and an OTG port in addition to the USB type C port. We add GPS and BDS navigation.

4G LTE Wi-Fi 5G and Bluetooth 5.0

Although the tablet comes with a data cable, it does not include the OTG adapter, but this has not been a problem, because we have connected the keyboard via Bluetooth.

This, by the way, being Bluetooth 5.0, provides greater energy efficiency, so when connecting devices via Bluetooth, the impact on the battery is minimal.

Good autonomy for the price

The 6000 mAh battery is standard for the mid-low range Teclast tablets. Given it intensive use, we have reached 7 hours. If its use is reduced to office tasks and navigation, we can achieve up to two days of autonomy.

Considering that the recommended amperage for a 10-inch tablet is 5,000, this tablet does not disappoint.

Conclusions about the Teclast P20 HD tablet

After 4 months of testing this, one of the most popular tablets in recent times, we have to say that its performance has surprised us, considering that it is in the entry-level range.

It seems to us that the Teclast P20 HD tablet is one of the best offers in its price range, especially if you want it for office use, watching videos, for playing games with the kids at home or studying.

It really doesn’t disappoint when it comes to performance, and we definitely recommend it from our website if you’re on a relatively tight budget.

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