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The world is moving faster than ever and we want you to be a part of that innovation!


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What Motivates Us?

Technology is our passion. The world is moving faster than ever and we want to be part of the innovation! At we love technology. In recent years we are experiencing an era of technological advances at an amazing speed and this encourages us to always want to be up to date, always up to date.

Technology is constantly evolving and advancing. We live in a technological revolution that we are not even aware of.

We are passionate about technological advances!

In this age of progress, it is more important than ever to stay on top of new developments in science and technology, especially when they happen so quickly.

At our mission is to be the first to tell you about the latest technology news. Offer you the latest innovations and ideas in technology and help you understand how they work and what their applications are.

From Google Glass to apps as revolutionary as Concierge, whose first mention was made by Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google, during his talk at TED, in January 2012 until today, less than 10 years have passed, but a lot has happened in this time.

In addition to apps and wearables, at we are always aware of the latest smartphone models, the best tablets and laptops brought by the most relevant and innovative brands of the moment. If you have decided to change any of your mobile devices, visit our reviews and analysis to find the best option. Make us your technology website of choice and you won’t regret it!

Starting with Google Glasses, and continuing with Smartwatches, the Wearables Revolution has only just begun. Don’t lose track of any of them! You may already know about the two we mentioned just now, but what about fitness devices or under-the-skin chips? Did you know that Ralph Lauren brought to the market a shirt that manages to transmit the data of our heart rate, breathing, and other details, while we exercise? Or that there is already an intradermal chip that allows you to open doors, turn lights on and off, and above all store information? Even more exciting, wearable technology also extends to Wearables & Wireless Streaming in Smartglasses, which is undoubtedly an interesting addition worth exploring.

Although the invention of Google Glass originates from North America, several official app developers for these devices have stood out in Spain, such as Droiders and Streye (live broadcast on YouTube). Glassware has been developed for large companies such as Banco Sabadell, an institution that has invested over the years in the technological development of Spanish startups. Also for the newspaper El Mundo, creating the second app that allows reading said publication in Google Glasses:

• The creation of the world’s first app to watch TV on Google Glasses, in collaboration with RTVE.
• The first broadcast on Google Glass of an operation in Portugal.
• The development of the first Augmented Reality app for Google Glass.
• The first application for Google Glass that allows blind people to read.
And many other achievements in terms of Glassware development that you can discover on the pages of our website.

Today, only the most talented developers manage to create top-performing apps that enhance the Android and iOS experience.
The most demanded Mobile Development today is the one with a usability & design focus. At we will always bring you reviews of the best in class profile mobile apps. Another of the characteristics most sought after by developer companies is that they are Cross-Platform, a system that is totally necessary today, due to the requirement of compatibility between devices. On our website, we tell you about the most incredible applications invented, from augmented reality to developing apps for aviation pilots.


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