How to open a tablet?

There are handymen everywhere, and although technology is not usually the field of exploration for the majority, due to its fragility and complexity, it is also not strange to find ourselves at a certain moment looking for tutorials to do on our own what would be the work of a technician.

But hey, knowing how to open a tablet can be very convenient, especially when your device has already been giving you headaches lately, and you want to see its status to decide if it’s time to replace it, or if the problem is as simple as something. of dust or an inflated battery.

In this post, we propose to know precisely how to make this electronic incursion in your home, with tools or objects that you will surely have at hand. In addition, we answer the most common questions you may have regarding how to disassemble specific tablet models such as Samsung Galaxy or Huawei MediaPad. Don’t miss a detail!

Why open a tablet? Common reasons and risks

Before continuing, it is good that you consider why you are about to open your tablet and what you should consider before:

In general, it is decided to open a tablet to: repair a component, change parts, dry any possible moisture, clean the internal parts or make an assessment of a specific problem.

This, of course, is the case with repair shops: at home, unless we have a technician, we will just dust or see if there is any noticeable problem, to buy the part ourselves and try to install it.

These actions, of course, entail several risks, which will have a variable impact on your pocket:

  • Component or touch panel damage.
  • Improper assembly may damage sensitive parts later.
  • Expiration of the manufacturer’s warranty, if the panel is of the sealed type or if marks of the operation are left.

Therefore, assess if you really want to open your tablet at home, especially if you do not have experience in this type of procedure. However, if it is simple curiosity that leads you to disassemble your old tablet, we will show you below how to do it:

How to open a tablet step by step

The first thing you should know before going into details about how to open a sealed tablet is that, if you choose to do it without tools, it is best not to use sharp and metallic objects for it: say knives or blades screwdrivers.

Unless you don’t mind leaving marks, it’s best to use some thin acrylic card or some other object similar to a guitar pick . The other important thing is that even if you think you have everything to disassemble a tablet without screws , you still need to have a screwdriver at hand, because sometimes the part of the tablet that has the USB ports, headphone ports, etc. it may have a screw that, if you forget to remove first, could hopelessly break the case as well as any sensitive components.

Now yes, let’s see how to open and disassemble a tablet step by step:

1. Create a master template if there are screws

If your tablet has screws, before opening it, mark its edges on cardboard, which you will then cut out, and which will serve as a master template.

This template has the function of serving as a guide on the location of the screws because if you then place one incorrectly in the wrong hole, you could end up damaging a component.

2. Use paddles and picks for leverage

Plastic trowels and picks are the quintessential professional tool in device repair shops: they will help you pry open your tablet (but always gently and patiently).

If you don’t have these types of instruments, use an old magnetic card, or something similar. We advise against the use of metal objects, but if you don’t care how the tablet looks later on an aesthetic level, you can use a flat blade screwdriver with a very fine tip.

Be very careful with aluminium cases, because the front part could be plastic and prying can damage the panel and touch.

3. Beware of FLEX cables

FLEX cables are flattened, flexible cables that connect the touchpad to other parts of the device, and if you pull on the tablet case carelessly you could easily break them, as is the cable that connects to the speakers, which is much thinner.

That is why you must begin to remove the back carefully and identify the type of connectors that the FLEX cables have, because depending on this detail, you will know if they can be released by pressure, a tab or in a sliding way. Never, ever pull on any cables inside your tablet!

4. Disconnect the battery

Almost all tablets (not to generalize), have an integrated battery. To avoid any type of accidental short circuit that causes a breakdown, you must disconnect it. The same removing the connector, that unsoldering it if that possibility does not exist.

5. Be very careful with the antennas

The antennas of a tablet, corresponding to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, etc. are usually made of ceramic or adhesive material, which is almost always in the form of a sticker.

You must avoid puncturing or scratching them at all costs, because later you will have coverage problems in the different signals.

How to close the tablet when finished?

The process of closing the tablet also requires a certain dexterity, since not a few people have caused irreparable damage to their device, due to not being careful enough.

If the entire tablet is plastic, you can close it by pressing it between your fingers. Now, if the lid is hard, you’d better place it on a flat, clean surface . Place the screen against the table, and start pressing the lid from above so that it closes.

This is safer than closing the tablet between your fingers, which can bend and break the touchpad.

Frequent questions

To finish, we leave you the answers to some questions you might have regarding certain brand models:

How to open a Samsung tablet?

To open a Samsung tablet, the same as a Galaxy Tab 2, Galaxy Tab 5 and Samsung Tab E, what you must do is:
1. Remove the SD card and the tray to place it.
2. Pry off the back cover.
3. Disconnect the battery from the motherboard, and detach it from the chassis with the tab provided for that purpose.

How to open a Huawei tablet?

To open a Huawei tablet, follow the steps below:
1. Remove the microSD tray.
2. Unhook the edges with a plastic pick, and lift carefully so as not to damage the FLEX cables.
3. Remove the screws that hold the shield, and then disconnect the FLEX cable from the screen.
4. Disconnect the FLEX cable from the battery and detach it with a fine tool, and soften the adhesive with a few drops of alcohol.

How to open a Lenovo tablet?

Finally, to open your Lenovo tablet, you will need:
1. Insert a flat tool to unhook the back cover from the entire contour.
2. Remove the screws that hold the protective plate of the battery FLEX cable.
3. Take out the battery, disconnect it from the cable and peel off the stickers on it.

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