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  • October 21, 2022
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The tablet market a few years ago did not offer great news in relation to the price and the specifications that we can expect for it. However, in recent times, given the growing demand for this type of device, we can count on excellent offers that are much cheaper than they used to be.

We have gathered the experiences with some of the tablets that we have already reviewed, and some others that we still had to try, to bring you a comparison with the best tablets for less than 200 $.

In this post we bring you not only the best purchase options that we recommend from our website. If not, we will also tell you about the characteristics that tablets usually have in that price range, which corresponds to a basic or initial mid-range.

1. The best per tablet for less than 150 $

We begin our selection with a Samsung tablet: the Galaxy Tab A model, which has been the entry-level proposal made by the brand. It stands out for its thinness and lightness, and although the finish is plastic and not metallic, it seems to us that the screen has a very good quality .

It is a 10.1-inch screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels, that is, Full HD, it is also an IPS panel that allows adequate viewing from all angles.

This screen neither short nor lazy has given us adequate contrast and more than enough brightness for different environmental conditions , although under the sun the situation changes a lot.

At the processor level, we have an Exynos CPU with eight cores at 1.8 GHz that is very fluid for the consumption of videos, browsing, checking emails and games that require a moderate amount of the processor . Multitasking can also be done without delays or lags.

The multimedia consumption experience is supported by the inclusion of two stereo speakers that offer a very good audio experience for the price. As for autonomy, with a 6,150 mAh battery we have 6 hours of screen time, or a couple of days of discontinuous use .


  • Very good performance for the range.
  • 32 GB of storage, expandable up to 512 GB via micro SD card.
  • Updated Android version.
  • Control Parental mediante Kids Home.
  • Tiene USB-C.


  • It’s not Widevine L1 certified, so Amazon Prime, Netflix and other streaming services don’t play in HD.
  • Very basic 8 MP rear and 2 MP front cameras.

2. The best 10-inch for less than 200 $

The Lenovo M10 FHD Plus tablet gives us from the beginning some specifications that really attract attention. Starting with a 10.3-inch screen that is, at least, the largest dimension that we will find for that price.

In this, the brightness, color and contrast are not tarnished at all, and with the Full HD resolution a very good viewing experience is achieved.

Now, as in the case of the Galaxy Tab A, the Lenovo Tab in question does not have a Widevine L1 certificate, so watching streaming content is not very enjoyable, to say the least.

Of course, with the Helio P22T octa-core processor with 2 cores x 1.8GHz, 6 x 1.6GHz, which is one of the most used in the mid-range of Android phones and with 4 GB of RAM, we have achieved smooth operation in all kinds of tasks and apps : navigation, content, productivity, social networks and multitasking.

We’ve also tested a couple of demanding little games, like Call of Duty and PUBG Mobile, with low graphics, and they worked without lags.

The stereo speakers have a fairly good sound, it even seemed better to us than that of the Samsung Tab A. Another aspect that really stands out about this option is its autonomy, of which we have verified that it can reach 14 hours, or a couple of days without requiring charging, which is the same.

The 13 MP rear camera and the 8 MP front camera lack much refinement, so the images are not very professional, but for ZOOM video conferences and family calls they work very well.


  • Very competitive hardware for the price.
  • Metallic body with a premium finish and lightness
  • 64 GB storage, expandable up to 256 GB.
  • Battery with excellent autonomy.
  • Incorporates USB-C.
  • Parental Control Mode and Productivity Mode (to simulate a desktop).


  • Medium quality speakers.
  • Can’t watch Netflix or other platforms in HD.
  • Android no actualizable.

3. The best for games for less than 200 $

Another model that does not go unnoticed is the MediaPad T5, which combines a 10.1-inch full D screen with an IPS panel and an excellent performance processor for a price of less than 130 $.

On the screen, the contrast and brightness are more than fair , the metal casing really gives it a premium finish, and the speakers provide a pretty good audio experience. The HiSilicon Kirin 6598 eight-core processor allows great fluidity and speed in browsing, productivity apps and games with all kinds of graphics (as long as they are downloaded with the most demanding ones at medium quality).

The battery has lasted us 10 hours and a half, which would translate into a maximum of two days without charging. Of course, we are sorry not to have USB-C, but a micro USB port.


  • Sharp image, good brightness and adequate resolution.
  • Octa-core processor with 2 GB of RAM, which allows good performance.
  • Acceso a Google Play Store.
  • Adequate battery life.
  • 32 GB of storage, expandable to 256 GB via microSD.


  • Basic 8 MP and 2 MP cameras.
  • Does not incorporate USB Type-C.
  • Android 8 not upgradable, with EMUI 8 layer that comes with many pre-installed apps.

4. The best with 4G for less than 200 $

Another tablet that is worth taking into account is the Teclast P20HD, which has a very well-finished metal casing and 10.1 inches in size at 1080p Full HD.

Unlike other devices in its price range, it is Widevine L1 certified, so you can enjoy content on Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney+, etc. in HD with no problems . Note however, that the audio experience with the speakers is not that good, although the USB-C headphones provide high quality.

With its Unisoc SC9863A eight-core processor in conjunction with 4 GB of RAM we have been able to consume multimedia without problems, browse, check social networks, make video calls by Zoom and even play games . Of course, we must point out that the games load slowly, although they work well later.

The same has happened to us with casual games like Candy Crush, as with Asphalt 9, but we expected it in the case of a processor designed for smartphones.

In addition to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity options, this tablet has a Dual SIM slot for 2G, 3G and 4G connection . So if you are looking for a tablet with a SIM card , surely this option will be one of the most complete.


  • 4G connection and 5G Wi-Fi
  • Aluminum alloy metal finish.
  • High quality screen.
  • Enough battery for several days of use.
  • Updated operating system version.


  • mediocre cameras.
  • The audio system could be better.

5. The best with accessories for less than 200 $

In less than 200 $ you can also find the GOODTEL G3, a Chinese-made tablet that: In addition to having a good processor for basic tasks, a good screen and adequate storage, it includes a Bluetooth keyboard, a mouse with Internet connection for a ridiculous price of 126 $ OTG cable, a stylus, headphones and a screen protector.

Geek tip: We have definitely found it to be an excellent option for users who want a good tablet for basic productivity and office use. The metal body and glass screen give this 10-inch tablet a premium finish, which also has better sharpness and contrast than the Fire HD tablet.

Likewise, the 1.6 GHz quad-core processor with 4 GB of RAM allows the operation of a good number of applications , both office automation and social networks, navigation, Netflix, etc.

Another thing we appreciate is the inclusion of Android 10, almost 100% free of bloatware. Well, the few apps that the manufacturer incorporates can all be uninstalled. We also have a generous 64 GB of storage, expandable up to an extra 128 GB via microSD card.


  • Lots of accessories for a price less than 130 $.
  • Adequate autonomy for a couple of days of use.
  • Glass screen with IPS technology for vivid colors.
  • Includes USB Type-C connectivity.


  • Poor quality speakers.
  • Insufficient brightness in high light conditions.

What to expect from a tablet for less than 200 $?

Many users adapted to the popularity of brands such as Samsung, Apple, Asus or Lenovo, may ask themselves: are there good tablets for less than 200 $?

And the truth is that YES, although for less than 200 $ there are things that you simply cannot ask of this type of device.

When you’re on a tight budget, and you don’t have a hefty discount for a high-end tablet, what you’ll get for that money will more or less be a set of the following features:

10-inch Full HD screen (be careful who offers you more)

Tablets that are between 100 and 200 $ have a touch screen with Full HD resolution, that is, 1920 x 1200 pixels . Which allows, depending on the quality of the panel, a pleasant experience for watching movies, playing games, reading, browsing, etc.

If you want a higher resolution and therefore greater sharpness, brightness, contrast and that the pixels are not seen when you bring the screen closer to your face, you will have to go up to 300 $ at least.

Octacore processor with 2 GB of RAM or higher

A device of this price usually incorporates an octa-core processor, which will also be accompanied by between 2 GB and 4 GB of RAM.

And while these specs are pretty generous on the surface, as most of these are processors designed for smartphones, we can’t ask for prowess when it comes to running cutting-edge games and professional apps .

Geek Tip: In our experience, lesser-recognized tablets that offer 3GB-4GB for that price end up performing similarly to top-brand options with just 2GB of RAM.

Android operating system (no apples for this price)

If you expected that with 200 $ you would find an iPad even if it is from 5 generations ago, you will have to continue raising the budget. The predominant operating system in this price range is Android , as even tablets with Windows or dual operating systems are more expensive.

Acceptable audio system (and even the odd stereo speaker)

At this price, the audio systems begin to be refined, and we can find stereo speakers that have good volume, depth and three-dimensional sound . However, these options will be the fewest, and the audio experience will be much better with headphones than with speakers.

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