How to connect tablet to PC

Today almost all our everyday devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, speakers, smartwatches, etc. have the option to connect with each other to access their data in different formats.

For this reason, it is very useful to know how to connect a tablet to a PC, which undoubtedly facilitates the transfer and management of files, as well as the use of the tablet as a second monitor for your computer.

If you are interested in knowing the different ways to carry it out, we propose 6 ways to do it. Let’s start!

Connect tablet to PC with cable

The most common and simple method of connecting a tablet to a computer is through cables and depending on the model and the type of port, you can choose between 2 options:

Connect tablet to PC via USB

To connect your tablet via USB to your computer, you must use the tablet’s charging cable or another compatible cable. Once you connect both devices through the same device, two connection options will appear:

  • USB charging
  • Media File Transfer

A third option may appear if you have Developer Options enabled in Settings, which would be “USB Debugging” and which we’ll use in another method later.

For the moment, we select the transfer of media files, which will allow us to manage the files on your tablet through the File Explorer of the PC.

Connect tablet to PC via USB
Connect tablet to PC via USB

Connect Tablet to PC via HDMI

The connection via HDMI allows you to see a tablet on a PC without major mishaps. The only thing that to be able to use this option, you will depend on your tablet having a micro HDMI port, or that you have an OTG adapter to carry out the connection.

Once you have the necessary cables, you can connect them and all you have to do is select the playback mode of the image or the information you want to access.

Connect tablet to PC via HDMI
Connect tablet to PC via HDMI

Connect tablet to PC wirelessly

Another the popular connection option between tablet and PC is the one made through wireless protocols, such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi:

Connect tablet to PC via Wi-Fi

To manage the content of your tablet on the PC via Wi-Fi, you will need an application that allows it. In this case, the Shareit, Android File Transfer, or Zapya apps work with Wi-Fi, and to start using them you just have to:

  • Download and install one of the 2 apps on your computer and your tablet.
  • Open the software on the computer, making sure you have Wi-Fi turned on on the computer and on the tablet.
Connect tablet to PC via Wi-Fi
Connect tablet to PC via Wi-Fi

Connect tablet to PC via Bluetooth

Bluetooth is another of the best-known options to connect two devices. To connect your two computers using this method, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Enable Bluetooth on the tablet and computer.
  • On PC, go to Settings/Devices and Bluetooth/Add new device.
  • On your tablet, go to Settings/Bluetooth/Pair.
  • Send what you want by marking the file from a File Manager app on the tablet, and then selecting the option to share via Bluetooth.

On some PCs, the option to send and receive files via Bluetooth is located separately, within the Devices and Bluetooth section. So you will have to select one or the other before sending the files to the PC from the tablet.

Conectar tablet a PC por Bluetooth
Conectar tablet a PC por Bluetooth

Connect tablet to PC as monitor

The option to connect tablet to a computer screen is useful to manage the documents, images and other files of the PC from the tablet. It can also be used to watch movies and all kinds of content, extending the life of the computer screen.

This is done via apps or via the USB cable, and here’s how:

Connect tablet to PC as monitor
Connect tablet to PC as monitor

Mirror PC Screen to Tablet Using Apps

There are several free applications that work by linking various devices via Wi-Fi, among which the following 3 stand out:


ApowerMirror is a reliable app that allows you to mirror your computer screen to your tablet or iPad, as it is compatible with both the Android operating system and iOS, iPadOS, and Windows. To use it we must:

  • Download the app on the tablet and PC.
  • Connect both devices to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Activate the application on both computers.
  • In the app on the tablet, press the blue button with an “M”, and after the name of the PC appears, select it, then click on “Computer Screen Mirroring”.

2. Let’s View

LetsView is compatible with Android and Apple tablets as well as any PC. It allows screen mirroring via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, although we have only been able to test the Wi-Fi connectivity option for compatibility reasons.

To use this app you must:

  • Download the app on both PC and tablet.
  • Connect to the same Wi-Fi network and open the app.
  • In the app running on the tablet, press the “Connection” option and then select the PC when it appears detected.
  • Select the “Computer Screen Mirroring” option
  • On the PC, click the “Allow” option once it appears.


VNC Viewer is another option compatible with almost any operating system, although to use it you will need to create an account on the platform. But don’t worry, we explain all the details below:

  • Download the application on your tablet and computer.
  • Create an account on RealVNC.
  • Run the app on both devices and sign in.
  • On the tablet, press the green “+” icon, and enter the name of your PC and its IP address. Then hit the “Create” button and then “Connect”.
  • Finally, you just have to enter the PIN on the tablet and the screen of your PC will appear on the tablet.

Use tablet as USB monitor

Another connection option that many users are looking for is the way to use a tablet as a second monitor via USB. This is a good alternative to using your old tablet, or if you want to manage your PC’s files from a touch screen To do this, what you will need is the charging cable for your tablet and the following application:

Splashtop Wired XDisplay

The Splashtop Wired XDisplay app works via USB and compared to wireless options it has less delay in image transmission, in addition to supporting FullHD resolution.

It is suitable for Android 4 and up, and offers free 10-minute sessions to ensure compatibility. If it works, you will have to buy the paid version for 7.49 $. To install and use it you only need:

  • Download the app for the computer.
  • Enable USB debugging on the tablet from the Developer Options.
  • Connect both devices using the USB cable.

And that’s how simple the 6 ways to connect your tablet to your PC are. We hope that you will be encouraged to try them all so that you have them at hand in case one day you lose your cable or you are away from home and you need to transfer data from one device to another.

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