How To Connect Mobile To Tablet Via Bluetooth

Bluetooth technology is one of the most common connectivity standards between devices of all kinds. At certain times, we need to establish a simple and secure link to share files, data, contacts, or even make a backup of any information.

For this reason, it is necessary to know how to connect a mobile phone to a tablet via Bluetooth, in order to have access to the information on the phone from the tablet or to share a wide variety of content that we need to see or edit on a larger device or with functionalities. different.

In this post, we tell you all the ways you can take advantage of Bluetooth functionality on both your tablet and your Smartphone. Stay and find out all about it!

How to connect my mobile to my tablet?

Connecting a tablet and a mobile via Bluetooth when both are Android is not complicated at all. Even if one of them has a different operating system, Bluetooth is a connectivity standard that does not usually discriminate in these aspects.

So in all cases, you can follow the steps below to establish the connection:

1. Locate Bluetooth settings

IMPORTANT: We emphasize activating it from the Settings because although the notification bar of Android devices has direct access to Bluetooth when activating it from there you cannot manage the devices with which the connection will be established.

2. Select and accept the mobile from your tablet

After Bluetooth is activated, the devices proceed to search for available devices.

When the tablet detects the mobile, it establishes the connection by clicking on its name on the tablet screen and a notification will immediately appear on the smartphone asking for authorization to perform the link.

3. Additional considerations

Once you agree to link both via Bluetooth, you can start sharing information through any file explorer application that allows this functionality. The same applications as photos, videos and all kinds of information.

Of course, the speed of data transfer will depend on the version of Bluetooth that both devices have, with Bluetooth 5.0 being the fastest at the moment.

How to connect a mobile to a tablet via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Modem

Perhaps what you are really looking for is to connect your tablet to your mobile to share the Internet, which can only be done via Wi-Fi on some devices, while on others you will find the Bluetooth Modem option. To connect them, follow these steps:

1. Select Bluetooth tethering or Wi-Fi tethering

On your phone, go to the ” Settings ” or ” Settings/Network and Internet” menu. In this section, you will look for the “Wi-Fi zone and Internet Sharing” option or it can also be called ” Sharing connection and Modem “.

To share the Internet over Wi-Fi, turn on tethering and set a strong password to prevent intruders from connecting. At that time it is time to activate the Wi-Fi search on your tablet, an option that you will find in “Settings / Connections / Wi-Fi” .

If your phone supports it, you’ll find the Bluetooth Modem option below, which allows your phone to act as an Internet access point, while your tablet accesses the connection via Bluetooth .

2. Enter the password for Connection Sharing

Once you have activated the Bluetooth search on your tablet, when finding the name of your mobile, the tablet will send a request to access the connection, after which it only remains for you to accept it from your Smartphone and that’s it!

As an additional note: if you have access to the Internet via data, the Internet speed on your tablet may be significantly slower than if you are receiving and transmitting via Wi-Fi. Also, Internet sharing via Bluetooth Modem when it is at 2 GHz will always be slower than when using Wi-Fi Tethering.

In case of establishing the Shared Connection by Wi-Fi, when you find the name of your phone among the available Wi-fi networks, when pressing it you will have to enter the password that you have set in the previous step and that will be all.

How to connect mobile to tablet by cable

If none of the above options have helped you, you can choose to connect your phone to the tablet using a cable.

For which you only need to have an OTG adapter compatible with the port of your tablet (here you will find an OTG adapter with USB-C port and here an OTG with micro USB) and, of course, the cable that comes with the smartphone to connect it to the charger. or to the computer.

How to connect mobile to tablet by cable
How to connect mobile to tablet by cable

1. Connect the OTG adapter to the tablet

All tablets are currently 100% compatible with OTG cables, but in case you have doubts because your model is old, you can try downloading the OTG Checker app to check compatibility with this accessory and thus avoid unnecessary expense.

2. Connect your mobile to the other end using its cable

Next, connect the mobile to its micro USB cable and the other end to the USB 2.0 or 3.0 port of the OTG adapter.

Keep in mind that some mobiles do not have a data cable, but one that only allows charging, so you should first check that it is the first and not the second: grab your laptop and check that your smartphone does appear as a storage unit.

3. Access your mobile information through a file manager

At this point, the tablet will have already detected that a device has been inserted via USB, after which it will recognize the mobile as a storage unit, which you can access through a file management application, such as ES File Explorer .

Some mobiles require that the screen be unlocked to appear on the computers they are connected to, and others, that the option to share information through the link be selected, and not simply receive upload.

These are all our tricks for you to connect your Bluetooth devices if that is what you are looking for. Let us know if you have any problems getting your mobile and tablet to link correctly through that protocol!

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