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DUODUOGO stands out as one of the best-known Chinese tablet manufacturers currently in the Western market (in a super cheap market segment, of course) . Its products receive very good reviews from users, so we encourage you to dedicate a space to the opinions about the Duoduogo G10 tablet (one of its most popular models).

In general, the brand stands out for offering very affordable devices, with good features and many accessories that increase its value for money. If we had to put a downside that we detected in several of their tablets, it is that they usually come with an outdated version of the Operating System.

But we will talk about these issues in more depth in the general analysis, for the moment, we invite you to know the opinions of the users:

Our review of the Duoduogo P8 tablet

Duoduogo P8

Duoduogo G10 is extremely affordable and perfect for browsing, working, studying and watching movies. Its specifications are very adequate for the price, and without much fanfare, it is one of the best options in the most basic range of tablets this year .

As you can see, all the opinions we have found are positive. Although we already imagine that soon there will be those who jump because the promotional images of the tablet that DUODUOGO makes claim that it has Android 10, when in fact it has Android 9 .

But you only have to pay attention to the product sheet to notice that it has Android Pie, and nothing else. This might seem solvable with an update, but we tell you something very important about it in the OS section that we have below, in our analysis of the tablet:

Design and materials

First of all, we want to emphasize that the metal finish for the chassis (aluminum alloy) and glass for the screen, is a combination of very good quality : Really for a tablet that costs just over 100 $, nobody could complain about a plastic finish.

We like the fact that it has an aluminum finish, because this, in addition to providing resistance, helps to dissipate the heat generated by the components . Now, be very careful with the glass, it is better to buy a Tempered Glass protector to avoid unfortunate accidents.

The design is very similar to that of many other tablets in the range, and it has signs for the ports, which in this case include mini USB, micro SD and Dual SIM, in addition to the classic headphone jack . The power and volume buttons could not be missing.


The screen is 10.1 inches and is not very pretentious: it has HD resolution (1280 x 800 pixels) and IPS panel . It provides a good level of gloss and a decent color palette, but it’s really not for launching flyers.

Of course, for $100 we don’t think you’ll find Full HD resolution on a 10-inch tablet. Still , the Duoduogo G10 screen provides a good experience for entertainment and productivity .


The sound section is comparable to that of the screen: it offers good audio quality, but without any pretensions given its two speakers . Either way, if you’re looking for a better sound experience, connecting the tablet to a Bluetooth speaker will suffice.


Now we come to our forte, the hardware! The Duoduogo G10 incorporates a MediaTek 64-bit quad-core processor , which we already know is a renowned mid-range processor manufacturer.

This, together with the 3GB of RAM, performs well, and we cannot perceive failures when running apps and games with little demand at the microprocessor and graphics level. Now, in heavy games we do notice that the quality of the graphics decreases, but this is in order to avoid lags and slowdowns in their operation.

So it seems to us to be working fine. If we consider the price , the 32 GB of internal storage is in line, but if you need more space you can expand up to an extra 128 GB with a micro SD.


One of the biggest attractions of this model is that it includes Dual SIM capacity, so that you can have LTE Internet for data everywhere .

We couldn’t find details on Wi-Fi, so we’re assuming it goes up to 2.5 GHz, but hey, that was a lot to ask for 5.0 GHz Wi-Fi on a $100 tablet, right? Come on, it’s Chinese but not that bad!

Operating system

As we mentioned before, the tablet comes with Android 10 as OS . According to the manufacturer it is free of bloatware, and really beyond a few manufacturer icons, it is true that we have not found useless or propaganda apps.

When we look for information from the DUODUOGO website, we have noticed that in devices that have Android 9 or 10, the manufacturer warns about not changing the Operating System, otherwise the tablet will be blocked .

Obviously it refers to the fact that, due to its benefits at the hardware level, a more current and heavier version of the software would be too much for this economical device.


In the cameras section, we find the classic combination for low and mid-range tablets (and the occasional infamous high-end tablet) of 8 MPx and 5 MPx: enough for video calls or online classes, but not much more .


Here we find another of the great points in favor of this device, and it is its 8,500 mAh battery: with which you can easily spend 3 days without having to worry about where you left the charger.

Of course, it does not have fast charging, but this does not surprise us based on the price of the tablet, nor did we expect it to incorporate a fingerprint sensor or anything like that.

Version with keyboard and mouse

You have available the version that includes keyboard and mouse for when you need to use it for studies or work.

Duoduogo G10 tablet reviews

Although this model has recently been inserted in the Spanish market (in April 2022), we show you some of the reviews that we have found, and that seem to us to be very successful in general:

“The truth seems more expensive than it really is: It has a large 10.1-inch screen, very good sound and resistant materials. In the hardware section, taking into account the economic segment, it is more than enough for almost any game and app.”

“From the first moment this tablet has seemed amazing to me. Screen quality is good, and it’s fast to use. I recommend it for its good quality and extremely reasonable price. Especially considering that it supports Dual SIM”

“My main requirements in a tablet were that it be capable of putting a SIM in it, because some of the places I visit don’t have Wi-Fi. Another important aspect is that the screen should be 10 inches. And this was one of the cheapest I saw that did both. The truth is that it goes quite well, it is fluid and the battery is a behemoth.”

“My main goal was not to spend a lot on a tablet, because I was mainly looking for it to keep my kids entertained while we are in the car. I saw that this tablet has good specifications, in terms of resolution, sound, etc. And since it includes the cover, for the price it has it is quite good”

Our Conclusions

After having known what the users think of this practically brand new tablet, and having analyzed its maximum benefits, here we leave you our final assessment:

The Duoduogo G10 tablet is very affordable and really met our expectations of what a tablet should be that we can use to watch content and play games that are not too demanding. In short, it is a low mid-range but depending on our needs, it can be more than enough.

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