5 reasons why the Galaxy Tab S2 is still in force

why the Galaxy Tab S2 is still in force

In the universe of electronic devices and infocommunications we are adapted to something new coming out every day. New software and new devices compel us to see today and tomorrow and, why deny it?, also to try to make it our own. But it is not idle that, from time to time, you look back. The past may give you more than one surprise.

Such is the case of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 , a product that, although unpretentious, has not become obsolete.

In this post, we tell you why you shouldn’t rule out the Tab S2 when you’re considering which device to buy.

5 reasons to buy the Samsung Tab S2

This tablet was launched on the market in 2015, being one of Samsung’s economic range products, although at that time it also represented an advanced version of the S line. It came out in two formats, with 9.7” and 8” screens. , which are still available on online trading platforms like Amazon.

Here are 5 reasons why it might still be advisable to buy such a model:

1. Screen

This section highlights the two formats with which the S2 is presented to us. The Super AMOLED technology , the 4:3 correlation and the excellent resolution with which they were endowed ( 2548 x 1536 pixels in both cases), combine very well to provide us with a good level experience , both in terms of audiovisuals and in the different labor uses that we can give it.

In this aspect, the sign appears when we want to make use of the multi-window option. It’s not that it’s not possible, it’s just that this option works best with a 16:9 mapping. It is a detail that in no way diminishes the acceptable quality achieved in terms of screen, but that, after all, must be taken into account.

2. Processor

The Samsung Tab S2 integrates two processors that, at the time, were among the best available. It is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 for the 9.7-inch case and the Exynos 5433 (1.9 GHz Quad + 1.3 GHz Quad) for the 8-inch one. Even today, both CPUs can boast of providing an acceptable service, with very decent speed and capacity for multitasking , in which their 3 GB of RAM undoubtedly help.

Do not forget that even the most recent versions of Samsung tablets continue to use updates to these two processors, from which you can tell their quality. Although you should also remember the “age” of this device and the purposes for which it was designed. If your interest is to load it with next-generation games, especially in terms of graphics, you should think about another device.

3. Connectivity

I know. It is difficult to think of a tablet that does not allow you to connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi, as is the case with the Samsung Tab S2 (8”). And although only the 9.7-inch version supports Wi-Fi connectivity, both formats are compatible with the LTE (4G) data network and with Bluetooth 4.1.

In our tests we were convinced that the performance in this section is very good, with 2.4G + 5GHz in the case of Wi-Fi connectivity. We were able to consume audiovisuals and streaming music, browse and even play online, without major difficulties. It will depend, obviously, on the strength of the existing connection in the place where you are, but the cleanness of the operation and, also, its correlation with the price, make this feature occupy a place in our list of points in favor.

4. Battery

This tablet is equipped with a 5,870 mAh battery , while the 8” version has a 4,000 mAh battery . In both cases, the design of the device allows more than 10 hours of continuous consumption of audiovisuals, a similar value of Internet connectivity. More than 120 hours of uninterrupted audio listening and a charging speed of around 2 hours (from 0 to 100%), which is very interesting.

5. Storage

To evaluate this proposal you must return to the objectives of the tablet. Bearing in mind that it is a device oriented towards office automation, Internet browsing, consuming music and videos, in short, activities with little demand in terms of performance, the capacities it offers to store content are more than acceptable.

In both modes, the internal storage is 32 GB , with the possibility of extending it through a microSD card of up to 128 GB.

Our final assessment : Is the Samsung Tab S2 a bad device?

Although above we list the 5 features that we consider most worthy of highlighting, there are other striking details. Such is the case of the weight of this equipment, which turns out to be lighter than expected given the dimensions, especially in the case of the 9.7”.

This model is sold with headphones and charger. Other accessories, such as covers, must be purchased separately. There is a keyboard cover that is compatible and very useful, especially for the larger version.

In a general sense, I think that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is an option that cannot be overlooked, if our interests, budget, or both, lead us to look at the options of cheap tablets .

Buyer Reviews

To give a little reasoning to our recommendation, we suggest you see what users think of this device:

“ The Super AMOLED screen has a depth of color and contrast, that sometimes you think you are seeing a real image. Nothing to envy to iPad retinas .”

“It is an impressive tablet… It goes at a more than acceptable speed… It is very manageable due to its light weight.”

“It is a well-built tablet, very thin, light, it has a very good quality panel and very good resolution… In my opinion, it should have one of the speakers at the top and one at the bottom, so that, in landscape format, they will be next to each other.”

Frequent questions

To finish, we answer the questions that users interested in buying this tablet model have commonly asked:

How big is the Tab S2?

The Tab S2 has dimensions of 237 x 169 x 5.6 mm in its 9.7” format and 199 x 135 x 6 mm in its 8” format.

How to restart Tab S2?

To restart the Tab S2 you must press and hold the Power and Volume Down buttons for approximately 45 seconds.

How much RAM does the Tab S2 have?

The Tab S2 has a 3 GB RAM memory in its two formats (9.7” and 8”).

How much does the Samsung Tab S2 cost?

At this time, the Tab S2 is priced from 288.00 $ for the 9.7” format and from 199.00 $ for the 8”.

What version of Android does the Tab S2 update to?

The Tab S2 is updated to version 8 of the Android Operating System.

Can the Tab S2 be configured for the Spanish language?

The Samsung Tab S2 can be configured in Spanish, an option that is given to the user when starting the operation with the device.

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